Head Soccer Unblocked

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Head Soccer is an engaging and addictive unblocked game that combines soccer with an entertaining twist. In this game, you control quirky characters who compete in one-on-one soccer matches. The objective is to outscore your opponent by scoring goals while utilizing special abilities unique to each character. Here’s a description of the game, controls, and how to play:

Description: Head Soccer features fast-paced, action-packed soccer matches where you control amusing characters known as “heads.” These heads possess exaggerated features, such as oversized heads and specialized abilities, adding a fun and unpredictable element to the gameplay. The game offers various game modes, including a tournament mode where you can compete against different opponents to become the ultimate champion.


  • Arrow keys or WASD keys: Use the arrow keys or the WASD keys to move your character left or right, and to jump.
  • Spacebar: Press the spacebar to kick the ball or activate your character’s special ability.
  • P key: Press the P key to pause the game.

How to Play:

  1. Choose a character: At the start of the game, you’ll have a selection of characters to choose from. Each character has its own unique skills and abilities. Select the one that suits your playstyle or experiment with different characters to find your favorite.
  2. Select a game mode: Head Soccer offers various game modes, such as Tournament, Survival, Arcade, and Multiplayer. Choose the mode that appeals to you the most.
  3. Start the match: Once the match begins, you’ll be placed on the soccer field against your opponent. The objective is to score more goals than your opponent within the given time.
  4. Score goals: Kick the ball towards your opponent’s net to score goals. You can use your character’s special abilities to gain an advantage, such as freezing your opponent or shooting a powerful shot. Be strategic in your movements and use power-ups wisely to maximize your chances of scoring.
  5. Defend your net: Prevent your opponent from scoring by intercepting the ball and blocking their shots. Move quickly and position your character strategically to defend your net effectively.
  6. Utilize power-ups: Throughout the match, various power-ups will appear on the field. These power-ups can boost your character’s speed, increase the size of your head, or provide other advantages. Collect them to gain an edge over your opponent.
  7. Win the match: The match ends when the time runs out. The player with the higher number of goals wins the match. If the scores are tied, the game may enter an overtime or penalty shootout, depending on the game mode.
  8. Progress and unlock: As you win matches and tournaments, you’ll earn points and unlock new characters, stadiums, and additional game modes. Keep playing to unlock all the content and become the ultimate Head Soccer champion.

Remember, Head Soccer is meant to be a fun and entertaining game, so enjoy the whimsical gameplay and embrace the humorous nature of the characters as you compete for soccer glory!