Head Soccer: Play, Fight & Hit The Goal to Win in the Game

Head Soccer has a very long history. Association football commonly known as Soccer is one of the oldest sport on the planet. According to Fédération Internationale de Football Association or FIFA, the concept of soccer has been around since the Han Dynasty. Proof of which is found on the ancient Chinese game called Cuju or Ts’u-chü which means, “kickball” in English.

Cuju comes with its own set of rules not to mention, that Cuju games were standardized and comes complete with has its own set of rules. One of the main purposes of Cuju is to serve as training fitness for military cavaliers. Nevertheless, the popularity of Cuju became a popular form of entertainment in royal courts enjoyed by the wealthy upper class.

Unfortunately, the sport began to fade during the Ming Dynasty. FIFA acknowledges Cuju as the earliest form of football. However, the organization also states that there is no historical connection between the ancient sport and association football.

Millions of Players Worldwide

Today, over 250 million players play soccer across 200 countries with a colossal following of over 4 billion fans. In fact, World Atlas acknowledges football as the most popular sport in the world. With a community that exceeds half of the entire population of the world, expect to see many innovative interpretations of soccer in the world of video games. Of the vast video game titles in the industry, a selected few stand out from the rest. One of which is the highly immersive free-to-play head-to-head competitive game called Head Soccer.

Head Soccer unblocked is a unique concoction of some of the most hilarious elements if not over-the-top features integrated within a miniature version of soccer. This highly immersive game features a one-on-one battle in a 2D field. Adding more to the excitement are six game modes and a huge collection of characters inspired by today’s pop culture. Get all these features plus more completely free of charge!

Fun, Exciting & Competitive Gameplay

Head Soccer, for the most part, is a miniature version of an actual soccer game. It is all a combination of short matches, compressed playing field, a minimum number of players, and cute characters. Though that may be the case, it does not mean that the game also comes with short in the fun and challenging department. In fact, the game overcompensates for its shortcomings through its over-the-top gameplay presentation. In other words, Head Soccer is the fun version of Soccer.

A Continuously Growing Roster of Characters

Head Soccer also comes with a plethora of unique characters packed in an ever-growing roster. At the moment, the game currently has a diverse collection of over 80 characters. Just like soccer, most characters in the game represent their own country, while getting their inspiration from some of the most iconic characters in pop culture.

Power Shots

In addition to the physical appearance of each character are “Power Shot” abilities. For the most part, Power Shots are comparable to finishers or specials commonly seen in fighting games. Just like most competitive games, Power Shot abilities require a full meter charge, which is not a problem in Head Soccer.

Upon execution, it has an over-the-top animation that is highly dependent on the type, theme, or country the character represents. Cyborg, for example, features a “Robo-Fist Shot” and a “Missile Shot.” Another example is the character from India who can execute a Fire Hands Shot and Fireball Shot. Learn more about power shots by simply trying out the game today!

Game Modes

Head Soccer unblocked features eight game modes for you to explore. First is the “Arcade Mode” that features the generic elements like level and reward progression. Do take note that some matches in this mode require the use of in-game currency earned within the game. Next is the “Tournament Mode” which as the name suggests, teams you up with 7 randomly generated players. Tournaments follow a three-round single-elimination process.

“Survival Mode” on the other hand, just like arcade mode, follows the common rules seen in other survival modes in other games. This mode provides players with three balls that serve as his HP. Each defeat will cost the player a single ball; however, each victory will also earn a certain number of balls. Another is the “League Mode,” which, as you may have guessed also follows the basic rules in league tournaments. In this mode, players can choose from Amateur League, Minor League, and Major League.

The fifth mode is “Multiplayer” which based on the title is self-explanatory. The sixth mode is the “Head Cup,” which gets its inspiration and model from the structure of the prestigious World Cup. Then, there is “Death Mode”, which is an extreme version of the arcade mode. In this mode, players must play 30 levels of pure unadulterated challenge to earn a whopping 100,000 points. Last but not least, is “Fight Mode” which costs 5,000 points to play. To win in this mode, players must battle and KO eight rivals across the globe.

Competitively Fun to Play

Head Soccer may not be as aesthetically pleasing compared to AAA games but it comes with some of the most iconic features that make competitive gaming fun. With that said, if you are one of the billions of soccer fans around the world who is looking for a competitively fun game played by millions of other soccer fans, then Head Soccer is the game for you. Download and play this awesome game on PC for free!

Game Features

  • Innovative gameplay structure
  • Multiple game modes
  • A huge and diverse roster of characters
  • Hilariously competitive and fun gameplay
  • Free-to-Play

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Check out these game screenshots.

Head Soccer Screenshot
Head Soccer Screenshot

Head Soccer: Play, Fight & Hit The Goal to Win in the Game