How to Play Head Soccer on PC – PvP & PvE: Game Features

Head Soccer is a fun casual brawler sports game enjoyed by many on handheld devices. However, many players lose games due to the constricted controls because of wrong taps and incorrect inputs. A game like this, which includes special attacks, combos, and other mechanical skills, requires either a controller or a keyboard.


Fortunately, controls and mechanics here are significantly streamlined to the point where you only need a few key inputs to make the game more enjoyable and make matches more favorable to you. This section will show you how to play Head Soccer on the PC.

Why Play Head Soccer on PC?

We can only give one reason – the only good reason – to play Head Soccer on PC instead of handheld: ease of controls. While the game may have extremely simple controls like kick, jump, left, right, and power, it can be tedious, especially if your fingers cannot tap the right control. Take note that this may look like a sports game on the outside, but deep down, it is a brawler fighting game. That is why it is much better to play it with a keyboard.


Fortunately, you can do so through this website. Do you see that download page of the site? From that, you can start playing Head Soccer on PC for free. All you need to do is follow the installation, and in a few minutes, you should be able to play the game.

Surely, it’s more than just soccer–it’s a soccer game with fighting game elements. Think of Smash Bros but with creepy semi-realistic cartoon heads inspired by professional athletes in the world of football and anatomize them in an odd Kirby-type body. And there you have it: Head Soccer. Download to start playing now!