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Head Soccer Sports Game: Fighting Game or Both?

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Head Soccer has been in the F2P scene for almost five years now, with a total of over 1 million players. Thanks to its very casual approach to football with just a few controls to remember, a simple rule, and fast matches. However, it can be argued that Head Soccer is also treated as a fighting game despite its name. So, what do you think the game is: a sports game or a fighting game? Let’s take a more in-depth look into Head Soccer.

Beyond Soccer

We all know how football rules play out: you kick the ball into your opponent’s goal post to win. You can use any part of your body except your hands. This applies the same to Head Soccer (that’s because your characters do not even have hands, to begin with). But, unlike real football, there are no violations or strict rules here.

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You can beat up your opponents as long as you kick the ball into their goal post. What separates this from other football games is the superpowers that you gain from each character. Every nation/character even has their own set of unique skills to use to their advantage.

Why People Call Head Soccer a Fighting Game

It is not a fighting game per se, but it does bear some components from them – especially from Smash Bros. From the Kirby-like bodies to the simple button inputs and superpowers, Head Soccer even lets you beat up your 1v1 opponent with kicks and headbutts. At the same time, you try your best to score a goal.


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It also doesn’t seem like it, but it does have some combos that only the most experienced players know about. Even the developers don’t know about it. Reminds us of Street Fighter II when the Capcom developers never knew that players can take advantage of the “frames” to stack up additional moves, creating what we see now as juggles and combo moves in modern fighting games.

Why It’s More Than A Sports Game

Call it a party game, call it a brawler, it’s still a sports game at the end of the day. While it does bear some elements from beat-em-ups, its central aspect is the football atmosphere. There are no life meters between players, but there is a power meter to unleash devastating shots. Get to play Head Soccer on PC for free. Just click on the download link to get started.