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Head Soccer Game: Does Meta Exist in the Match?

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In gaming jargon, “meta” is the term to describe the state of certain characters that provide the most useful set of skills. It also allows for providing more chances of winning each match. This matter has been an ongoing form of competition in various multiplayer games – especially in FPS, MOBA, and fighting games.

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A meta can change depending on the developers applying nerfs and buffs in the game – a form of weakening and strengthening characters such as reducing the damage output or providing lower cooldowns. But, in a fast-paced casual game like Head Soccer, meta may or may not exist depending on the players. While it does not have an esports, the game tends to become very intense, especially in PvP modes. Let’s check out here why there could be a meta in the game.

Different Nations, Different Skills

Whether you pick Korea, Japan, Algeria, Turkey, Spain, France, or whichever nation you favor, every character in the game has their own set of skills to use to their advantage. Skills like extra speed, longer jumps, faster power build-ups, and stronger kicks help put you up the ranks with a stack of wins in your pocket.


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Due to these unique powers, you could argue that the game has a form of meta. Which character do players use most often? Which nation has the most wins, and which one has the most defeats? Is it solely because of their looks? Their powers? Or maybe it was just a coincidence that players with better skills happen to pick the same characters?

Is Meta Necessary in Head Soccer?

In our own opinion, there is no such need for a meta in the game. First of all, the game is not that much in favor of competitive gaming – especially as a free-to-play game but unlike a teamwork-intensive game like Mobile Legends (even if it is more streamlined than League of Legends or DotA 2). Head Soccer does not even have a competitive ranked mode, to begin with anyway. Additionally, the developers never even plan on adding buffs or nerfs to the characters.


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What Matters Most

Above everything, Head Soccer is nothing but a party brawler sports game that is all about fun and craziness. Win or lose, the game is still hilarious with its power-ups and kick-offs. Why not try out the game yourself on the PC? Download Head Soccer for free and play it directly on your desktop.